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Discovering pathways for a healthy Lifestyle

Life comes with its fair share of challenges…there is no pre-prescribed text or formula. These struggles present themselves in different ways. And it can get quite overwhelming at times. Your decision to seek counseling is a positive step forward. At Sukoon we help you realize your dreams, restore meaning, healing and perspective back in your life.

Our Specialties

The counseling approach is supportive, strength-based rooted in a scientifically rational thinking approach. We recognize that every individual has unique goals and collaboratively we will work together to develop skills and insights that facilitate mind, body, and holistic wellness.

Our mission

Sukoon has counselors who are passionate about people. Our Mission is to offer you a well balanced, holistic and a healthy   lifestyle using an integrated technique of counseling. Our aim is to restore you from brokenness or helplessness you may have experienced to equipping and empowering you to make informed decisions about yourself in a completely non-judgemental environment.

We strongly believe that we as individuals innately possess core competencies and strengths. And when these strengths are collaboratively drawn upon within a therapeutic framework we are able to see solutions…So what are you waiting for… we’d like to meet you…

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